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Abe Wagner and Associates, NLP Speaker

In-House Training

You'll laugh, You'll learn, and You'll love it!

Abe Wagner has over 35+ years of experience as a corporate trainer, convention speaker, and author.  He has worked with organizations around the world, ranging from start-ups and Fortune 500 companies to governments and non-profits.  He is the author of Say It Straight or You'll Show It Crooked and The Transactional Manager.

From customer service to sales and team building, effective communication is the cornerstone of every successful organization.  Abe Wagner is himself a master communicator, blending the common-sense psychologies of Transactional Analysis (TA) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with entertaining and humorous stories that have enchanted and educated clients around the world.  Abe's in-house training is clear, practical and easy-to-understand.  He offers different scheduling options, along with a special focus on follow-up materials for implementation by your organization.

You're in Good Company

  • Alcoa

  • AT&T

  • British Petroleum

  • Citicorp

  • Fuji Xerox

  • Hewlett Packard

  • Mountain States Employers Council

  • HSBC

  • Monsanto

  • Motorola University

  • Remax Realty

  • Schlumberger

  • Singapore Airlines

  • Singapore Civil Service College

  • The Industrial Society of England

  • United Airlines

 Abe Wagner introduced TA to the Singapore Air Force.  The response has been most encouraging.

-Major General Winston Choo,
Head of the Singapore Military

 We have continued to use Abe's services over the years, because we can always rely on him to deliver innovative training that is stimulating and results-oriented. 

-James T. Judd, President and Chief
Operating Officer, World Savings Banks


  • Flexibility: custom-designed training programs.
  • Each training program ranges from one to four days.
  • Duration of programs are flexible and can be scheduled from one hour to one day.
  • The two, three, and four-day programs are scheduled once a month, giving participants the opportunity to fully utilize each day of training.
  • A complete support program designed to:
    • Facilitate further integration of key principles.
    • Monitor progress.
    • Enable your staff to train additional employees.

Training Programs

Say It Straight or You'll Show It Crooked

Straight talking leads to increased individual and organizational effectiveness but it isn't always easy to do.  Learn to be a straight shooter by making agreements that you intend to keep, treating yourself and others with dignity and respect, and speaking with the purpose of resolving issues rather than proving that you're right.  Learn all of the fourteen Say It Straight principles.

Breaking The Communication Barrier

      TA + NLP = Synergism

Have you ever had the feeling you're just not getting through to someone?  Instead of being frustrated, learn the practical how-to's for understanding yourself and others, communicating with resistible people, becoming a better listener, and leading in a professional manner.  Don't hit the wall-talk your way through it!

NLP- The People Technology

Through the tools of NLP, you'll learn how to examine and change preconceived notions that may be keeping you from achieving success.  This common-sense psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming teaches you how to direct your natural behaviors and strategies to achieve well-defined outcomes.  This results-oriented training teaches participants to establish rapid rapport, use their inner resourcefulness when problem-solving, and to resolve conflicts effectively.

Relationship Selling

This exciting program focuses on communication as a key element in professional selling. TA and NLP are creatively blended to provide practical insights for professional sales people.

1. How to have a "can do" attitude.

2. Coping with stress.

3. Understanding yourself and your client.

4. Establishing rapid rapport.

5. Establishing long-term rapport.

6. Leading your internal and external customer.

7. Getting into your client's "Map of the World".

8. Overcoming objections.

9. Closing the sale.

10. Keeping the sale closed.

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